A Review Of Racial Discrimination

racial photo Photo by Abode of Chaos

The world boast of diversity especially when it comes to race and culture. People from all over the world have a unique way of doing things, the cultures they practice and even the language they speak. Even with the benefits of this form diversity, racial discrimination is a common vice that hinders peaceful co-existence of people.

What is racial discrimination

The practice occurs if your colour is used as a determining factor when it comes to the goods you can buy and even the services you can access. Even with constant condemnation of the practice, the practice is still well entrenched in peoples minds.

The origin of the practice

The vice dates back to as far as the slave trade era. During this troubled historical period, blacks were the inferior race compared to the whites. To them, they were valuable as servants. Since Africans could not agree to such terms, they had to be captured as slaves and transported to European countries for work in the various farms and industries.

Even though the practice was banned, the impact was devastating. To the Africans, it portrayed Europeans or whites as they were commonly known as cruel people with no regard for human life. To the Europeans, it encouraged a sense of pride that they were the superior species that had to be respected by others. This kind of beliefs led to the deterioration of relations between the different races and created a lot of hatred among people.

The impact of discrimination in the society

Discrimination of any form limits peoples interaction. It limits meaningful communications, and if left unchecked, it can be the cause of clashes among people of various races. If we are to coexist and flourish as humans, we need to find a way of living together peacefully no matter the race.

Discrimination’s have led to the death of many people over the years and the rise in evil practices such as slave trade. In the modern world, bias is still in play. People in some situations get jobs based on their race a case that has denied qualified individuals a chance of earning a living heartbreaking because they are not members of a particular race.

What can we do to stop this vice

Discrimination is not something we can encourage in our society. The disadvantages are just too severe to ignore. The first step to end this evil is accepting that all human beings are valuable. Being black or white colour is not something that should define us. Everyone should get a fair chance may it be in the workplace or even in the allocation of tasks to be done. No race is superior to the other, and if we are to live harmoniously, we must learn to respect each other.

Measures were taken to punish those who commit the offence

Even with the end of slave trade some people still feel superior to the rest regarding race. Individuals with such ideas should not be allowed the chance of implementing their evil schemes. Upon suspicion, they should be taken to court for a fair hearing before judgement and imprisonment. The government should also ensure they monitor people perpetuating this practice and apprehend them,

For victims of such discrimination, the ordeal can be heartbreaking. Some have experienced immense torture a situation that has left them very bitter with life. In such circumstances, it is vital that the individual first undergo counselling. The counselling session will be of great help so that they can heal and move on with their lives.Any form of discrimination is evil and should not be allowed to happen at all costs.