Class Discrimination: The Looming Legal Battle Ahead

With modern societies becoming increasingly dystopian in nature from the United States all the way to the faraway Philippines, class discrimination is becoming more and more a battleground. The election of U.S. President Donald Trump has been followed by the polarization of the white supremacist and the Black Lives Matter movements. Who will gain the upper hand, only the future can tell?

One thing for sure, though, is that attorney billings will escalate to levels previously unknown. For to wage a battle in democracies and non-democracies alike, lawyers are called upon to either put a rubber stamp on a piece of legislation or to ferociously argue the rights of those who are oppressed or deem themselves to be oppressed in the society they live in. And to make matters worse, the sexual harassment of women in the entertainment industry is beginning to rear its ugly head.

This, too, is another live coal for increased counsel activities on both sides of the fence. Hence, it would be an understatement to say that we live in very interesting times. As Charles Dickens once wrote, the present is both the worst as well as the best of times.

How did all these issues come together? No one knows for sure, but certainly, the worst isn’t over yet. There’s also the added issue of citizen & civil rights seemingly being trampled upon, as in the country where drug addicts are summarily executed extra-judicially. Back to the United States, the mass media is on trial and at certain points seem to back down from its Fifth Estate status.

Finally, television, radio and print journalism has met its match in a Twitter-savvy president that knows how to fill the first ten headline spaces with his own brand of news–on a daily basis. Certainly, President Trump does know how to ensure that he hugs the limelight either through good or bad publicity. The tight reins on immigration, the overhaul of Obamacare, and the latest tax legislation are all causing reporters to walk a tightrope if not a live fuse.

Could the legal community be any happier? Happy days are here again, to echo a Barbra Streisand song of long ago. Legal billings to the max as America struggles to find its one voice in a cacophony of voices. The ongoing judicial probe into alleged Russian meddling in the last presidential elections are lending the political palette even more color.

With class discrimination and a vast conundrum of other issues, life goes on and perhaps life will never be the same again. NASA is finding more and more so-called exoplanets or Earth-like planets that at some point in the distant future could be humanity’s future habitat. Billionaires legal photolike Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Elon Musk of SpaceX are touting the establishment of the first Martian colony even as North Korea is threatening a full-on nuclear war with the world’s largest democracy.

And yet the more things change, the more they remain the same. As Star Trek premises in every TV episode and movie version, man may someday travel the vast expanses of the universe. However, human nature will stay the same. The same can be said for class struggle in particular.

At the moment, America’s number one ally, Canada, is embroiled in heaping apologies to the country’s aboriginal class, which for years has fought unsuccessfully for recognition and equal access to the educational system. The aboriginal Indians of the land are arguing that they should have more share of the economic pie and lands in particular because they were in Canada first. This again creates a flurry of activities for all the legal luminaries of our time. And so the fearless forecast: It’s all systems go for the legal machinery. Or in other words, there’s never been a better time to be a practicing attorney.