Discriminatory Treatment And The Impact It Has On Our Society


The government plays a vital role in our society. It is the institution with the sole mandate to provide essential services to citizens. The law also prohibits discriminatory treatment like the kind that might entail the hiring Los Angeles wrongful death lawyers. Regardless of the ages, races or the social status of the people in question, they all deserve equality when it comes to their civil and human rights.

What is discriminatory treatment?

Also known as Disparate treatment, it is an unlawful handling of people that are in violation of the labour laws in the United States of America. When authorities at workplaces show favouritism to a few employees, they are going against the law of equality. By international rules, all sovereign states are supposed to ensure their citizens have the freedom to enjoy their rights. Most people in foreign countries, however, undergo unfair treatments due to the colour of their skin.

Ways of ensuring there is equality in our society

Lawmakers are at the forefront when it comes to championing for equality. They are responsible for drafting laws and offering legal advice on such matters. As a practice, they should ensure that no matter the circumstance, they come up with legislation that is inclusive an fair to all.

Citizens have to be aware of their rights. Knowledge is power when it comes to the matters of equality. If you do not know what you are entitled to as a citizen, it will be easy for someone to take advantage of your rights. In case you feel your right is being violated, seek help from the relevant authorities.

Legal egalitarianism is what every government should practice. With this, unlawful treatments such as monarchy, slavery and even servitude should be in existent. Integrity matters a lot. A state that lacks these basic principles cannot uphold equality. Everyone has equal rights under the law and should not undergo any form of discrimination.

What are some of the factors that lead to discrimination?

War is a significant contributor to the violation of rights of citizens. During this troubled times, it is challenging for the government to ensure all citizens receive equal treatment. Loss of life and destruction of essential services such as water and electricity leave some citizens suffering. In severe cases, some even seek shelter in refugee camps. The living conditions in such areas are usually deplorable.

Ethnic profiling is the worst of them all. The vice happens when People of different tribes are unable to coexist peacefully. In such situations, one can fail to land a job or even get essential services because they belong to a particular community. The practice is in gross violation of the laws of equality.

Racism is a practice that has for a long time led to the suffering of some citizens. Black people undergo unfair treatment in western countries because of their skin colour. It is sad how we are inexperienced in learning how to embrace equality for all races.

discrimination photoCultivating a culture of equality in our society

The essential thing to do is to adhere to the constitutional rules and regulations. Communities consist of different groups of people. With gender equality, the world is now a better place. Both men and women should receive fair treatment.

People with disabilities should neither be discriminated nor mistreated. Despite their health conditions, they deserve equal chances just like anyone else in the society. When recruiting people for new jobs, governments are obligated to respect the constitutional rights of these people. When everyone receives equal treatments, the resultant benefits are peace, love, and unity. For a country to grow, equality is one of the critical virtues citizens in a nation should cultivate.